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Bulaeinn Villas has been nurtured for 15 years. The plot of the land is 30 acres. Bulaeinn Villas flourishes with well tended plants,trees,and fields of grass. The property has become a resort in fulfillment of our long cherished dream and vision. While in the process of planning to build the resort, the surroundings were kept clean and safe.
During the last 10 years, these villas were built from 100-year-old-wood, teak doors, teak posts, earthen roofs, earthen floors, and old bricks. We used as much natural materials as possible to build the resort.

All materials, including wood and bricks in the buildings were specially created in order to give the resort an original, natural beauty and character. And, in striving to provide a truly authentic touch, recycled, old, demolished materials were also incorporated into these graceful structures.
This makes our lovely Bualeinn Villas unique. Feel the beauty and peace of its green and spacious grounds seep into your heart and soul from the moment you first step into it. A feeling that will remain with you throughout your stay and beyond.

Main Amenities of



13 Guest Rooms

Free WiFi and Free parking

Extra beds - surcharge ( For Families )

1 Restaurant

Airport shuttle - Surcharge

Private bathroom

Breakfast available


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  • Hantharwaddy Golf Club Restaurant – 1 Min Drive


  • Tharyar Aye Wet Market – 5 Min Drive
  • Pyin Si Wet Market – 10 Min
  • Bago Market – 14 Min
  • Icon Super Mart – 15 Min

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